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Katie seamlessly integrates into our applications via a user-friendly API, serving as a central knowledge-source for legal expertise and document retrieval. With its human-in-the-loop process, we gain fine-grained control and benefit from an ever-improving knowledge database. Working with Katie's team, we efficiently solve legal challenges and advance rapidly with their forward-thinking approach.

Colin Carter

Legal Engineer, Coop Rechtsschutz AG


We Take Security and Privacy Serious

Katie provides granular access control, which ensures that users only get access to answers they should. Additionally you can run Katie on-premises. We are fully GDPR compliant and strictly adhere to the highest privacy standards in the industry.

Integrated With the Tools You Use

+ many more

Ready and Go!

Katie helps immediately with minimal setup, no maintenance and zero tech skills required.

Humans in the Loop

Katie learns from human conversations and other sources, continuously improving, self-learning and aligned by keeping humans in the loop.

Answers you can trust

Katie returns authoritative answers to help users make informed decisions and solve problems more effectively.

Untapped Knowledge

Katie makes previously hidden knowledge accessible by searching your internal and external knowledge sources.

Deliver Insights

Get detailed analysis with actionable insights.

Drive Productivity
With Katie